Summer Bucket List

This summer has gotten off to a bit of a slow start. Sure, there was an epic graduation weekend party:

And sure, Elizabeth went to a bachelorette party in New Orleans (but doesn’t want to guest blog about it, lame). And sure, we did bag a few tornadoes in late May while everyone else in the world was cap busting:

And sure, I have started a new job:

And sure, I’ve taken up rock climbing as a hobby this summer:

So, okay, there have been some cool things to come out of the first three or so weeks of my summer vacation. But I want *more*. Soon, the summer will be filled with exciting trips and opportunities, so I figured I’d break them down and get on the record about what has me excited over the next 2+ months.

St. Louis trip with family, June 17-20

My immediate family will be spending a slightly long weekend in St. Louis next week to celebrate the fact that we already took time off for Riley and Erin’s wedding and then they moved it! Elizabeth and I will drive up on Thursday after my work shift and meet my family at the hotel. Friday, we’re planning on going to Six Flags St. Louis, long the subject of longing looks as we’ve driven past it on I-44. It has a Hurricane Harbor with a funnel raft ride, so I’m there. Saturday we’re going to go on one of those corny cavern tours, and then finish with a walking tour of St. Louis from one of the scavenger hunts that Elizabeth’s cousins put together. And on Sunday, before driving back, we will accomplish the visiting of one (1) national park for Elizabeth by going to the top of the Gateway Arch. I’m sure I’ll blog about this weekend at some point this summer, even if only briefly.

Elizabeth’s “Cousin’s” Wedding, June 26

I’m not invited to this one, but Scipio and I will certainly get some quality time in together.

Chris and Chanelle’s Wedding, July 8 – ???

The long-awaited union of Elizabeth’s cousin and his longtime girlfriend is in San Diego next month! The wedding is on a Saturday, with a pool party for the next day, so as of right now I’m not sure how long we’ll be in San Diego. Elizabeth wants to see Joshua Tree National Park, but I work remotely during the day, so we may settle for some NPS sites closer to San Diego in the evenings. Either way, I’m very much looking forward to a massive Fairchild family function once more.

Rehoboth Beach Week, July 24-31

Speaking of massive Fairchild family functions, nothing gets crazier than their weeklong beach family reunion. Elizabeth has only been able to visit briefly each of the past few years (I haven’t been since 2018!), so she made sure to prioritize an entire week for this trip. I’ll be working on weekday mornings from the Rehoboth Beach Library, apparently. Hopefully I can also make a trip down to Blacksburg to visit my NWS colleagues. Otherwise, it’ll be a week full of laying on the beach, Snowball (?), and Thrasher’s fries.

Austin, August 5-7

Elizabeth wants to see a Greyson Chance concert in 2021, which, lol. But it’s cool, I’ve always wanted to see Austin. I can sit through a concert if it means I get to guilt Elizabeth into milkshakes.

National Parks Trip, August 12-21

This is the money trip of the summer. The one I’ve been waiting for for months. We drive from Norman to Laramie on August 12, then on to Grand Teton National Park for the nights of the 13th, 14th, and 15th. From there, we move to Yellowstone National Park overnight on August 16, 17, 18, and 19. I wish I could list some of the things I’m excited to do in each park, but right now our plans remain fluid since we don’t know who will be joining us. For sure, though, some of the highlights will include whitewater rafting on the Gardiner River in Montana, kayaking on Jackson Lake, and hiking up to Delta Lake high in the Tetons. There’s so much to look forward to in that weeklong trip that I’ll probably be blogging about it for a full year afterward!

So, sure. The summer has started a little slow. That’s going to change soon, and in a big way.

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